Burning Ægypt

The start

[19:28:42] Derek Handley: All right, lads, are we ready?
[19:29:00] Declan Feeney: 2 mins
[19:29:06] Derek Handley: :)
[19:29:33] MJ Harnish: Evening.
[19:29:36] Derek Handley: http://www.drawergeeks.com/showTopic.php?id=104
[19:29:46] Derek Handley: Evening.
[19:30:20] Declan Feeney: Hi guys.
[19:30:39] Declan Feeney: Okay. Got my new purple Chessex dice :)
[19:30:42] Derek Handley: Jaysus, you’re punctual.
[19:30:51] Derek Handley: 8:30 on the dot.
[19:30:57] MJ Harnish: Derek, can you see about filling in the Obsidian Portal character sheet? I stole Declan’s formating for his and transferred it over to your character wiki so all you need to do is fill in the numbers.
[19:31:10] Derek Handley: ???
[19:31:11] MJ Harnish: That way I have a place I can consult online fairly easily.
[19:31:17] Derek Handley: Okay.
[19:31:25] MJ Harnish: http://www.obsidianportal.com/character/42177
[19:33:43] Derek Handley: What are PTGs?
[19:33:47] MJ Harnish: Cool, I’ve got my skype window sized perfectly… I can look at the obsidian portal stuff at the same time. :)
[19:34:20] MJ Harnish: Those are the wound levels. Don’t worry about it for now.
[19:34:35] MJ Harnish: Those are unlikely to play a role any time soon.
[19:35:07] MJ Harnish: While you’re doing that I’m going to clear some space on my desk for my notebook, etc.
[19:36:34] Derek Handley: :(
[19:36:53] Declan Feeney: Whats up?
[19:39:54] Declan Feeney: Gone very quiet…
[19:40:26] Derek Handley: Michael is doing something on his desk.
[19:40:48] Derek Handley: And he asked me to put numbers on the Obsidian Portal page on my “online character sheet”
[19:40:58] Derek Handley: So I was concentrating on that.
[19:41:08] Derek Handley: Except I’m missing a lot of the numbers.
[19:41:11] Derek Handley: How are you?
[19:41:16] Derek Handley: How was your run?
[19:41:19] Declan Feeney: Okay. I’ll play with the Oracle he gave us a link to on his blog
[19:41:31] Derek Handley: Oracle?
[19:41:38] Derek Handley: Barbara Gordon?
[19:41:45] Derek Handley: Or Delphi?
[19:41:51] Declan Feeney: Hot, muggy, humid, tiring and wet. I just wish it would rain and get it over with
[19:42:06] Derek Handley: Very similar here.
[19:42:16] Derek Handley: I think we’re basically in the same climate zone.
[19:42:25] Declan Feeney: As in idea generator.. In a wicked age (the game) uses Oracles
[19:43:49] Derek Handley: I have no idea what “In a wicked age” is, but I know what Gary Gygax used as idea generators!
[19:43:53] Derek Handley: :D
[19:44:24] Declan Feeney: I’m sure theres a punch line coming…
[19:45:44] MJ Harnish: BAK. Declan is talking about this: http://rpg.brouhaha.us/?p=1182
[19:46:16] MJ Harnish: In a Wicked Age is a game from Vincent Baker where you use an “oracle” to create the session’s situation and primary characters.
[19:48:00] Declan Feeney: Our our oracle for today: “Subterrainean, Celtic, Rocket” – might not work for ancient egypt…
[19:48:25] Derek Handley: Sounds very Artemis Fowl.
[19:48:56] MJ Harnish: There you go…. instant story 8-)
[19:49:12] Derek Handley: Sorry, Declan, no punchline. I’m still too busy struggling up the Burning Wheel learning curve to manage a punchline!
[19:49:22] Declan Feeney: Hmm. This might work: “Prey to misfortune, Undead, Vineyard”
[19:49:34] MJ Harnish: Okay, I’m ready anytime you guys are. How is the character sheet filling in going? What do you need help with?
[19:51:32] Declan Feeney: Guess he’s busy with the character sheet..
[19:51:58] Derek Handley: You tell me, mate. I’ve put in what I know… is that everything we need for this game?
[19:53:45] MJ Harnish: Okay, we just need your instincts and beliefs. Thoughts?
[19:54:39] Declan Feeney: For beliefs I like the format: Statement, belief, action.
[19:55:06] Declan Feeney: Cops like Ice cream. I believe its making them fat, therefore I must steal the cops ice cream.
[19:55:13] Derek Handley: Hahahaha!
[19:55:24] Derek Handley: I thought it was donuts…
[19:56:12] Derek Handley: I’ve not got much in that department.
[19:57:04] Declan Feeney: What do you want him to do. Beliefs are a great way of forcing the GM to write what you want into the story :)
[19:57:08] Derek Handley: Are the points all good.
[19:57:09] Derek Handley: ?
[19:57:16] MJ Harnish: How about starting with one about the pyramid and your current job in it.
[19:58:27] Derek Handley: I do know how the Beliefs and Instincts work – I’ve created another character in this system, and we had a good set of BITs, and even got to use them in the game. Michael and I went back and forth on them, thrashed them out.
[19:58:44] Declan Feeney: Oh :)
[19:59:22] MJ Harnish: Yeah, we just need 3 of each for Kanefhere.
[19:59:24] Derek Handley: So: in principle, I know what BITs are. For this character…
[20:00:00] Derek Handley: Are the points all good? There’s a lot of them missing at the moment, it seems.
[20:00:31] MJ Harnish: Not anymore. I filled them all in.
[20:00:40] Derek Handley: Cheeky bugger.
[20:00:42] Derek Handley: :D
[20:03:19] Derek Handley: Belief 1:
[20:03:29] MJ Harnish: Lay it on us Daddy-o.
[20:03:51] Derek Handley: What did Texel do to you, turn your clock back to the 60s?
[20:03:57] Derek Handley: Belief 1:
[20:06:11] Derek Handley: While it is of course a great honor to work on the pyramid, these projects for the nobility and those of the court are becoming more extravagant, less practical, and taking longer to finish. Besides, they’re never really satisfied with the end result. I yearn to create something simple, elegant and functional that will open their eyes to other possibilities of constuction and beauty.
[20:06:15] Derek Handley: Belief 2:
[20:08:14] MJ Harnish: Okay so let’s make it more direct: I will create something elegant and functional worthy of the Pharaoh.
[20:09:04] Derek Handley: “worthy of the Pharaoh”... that changes the direction a lot.
[20:09:10] Derek Handley: Belief 2:
[20:09:21] Derek Handley: Craftsmen are not listened to because we have too many disparate voices. Instead of competing with each other for commissions, we could and should work together, form some kind of guild that would give us our own voice in the court, instead of having to speak through our rich relatives and court sponsors.
[20:09:23] MJ Harnish: How so? Pharaoh = God. Everyone else is irrelevant.
[20:10:50] Derek Handley: Because it makes it sound like I want the Pharaoh to notice my work personally, and that’s not the point of the character. As created, he’s heading into the realms of the work for the work’s sake… going into these engineering designs and projects in his spare time, whenever he can get away from doing the work he has to.
[20:11:47] Derek Handley: Belief 3:
[20:11:56] Derek Handley: ...
[20:12:04] Derek Handley: Instinct 1:
[20:12:21] Derek Handley: Whenever I have spare time, I work on my own designs for functional, simple pieces.
[20:12:28] Derek Handley: Instinct 2:
[20:12:32] Derek Handley: Something religious.
[20:12:40] MJ Harnish: He’s not skilled in any sort of engineering though. You could go with something like “I will create something that will change Egyptian art forever.”
[20:12:40] Derek Handley: That’s what I’ve got right now.
[20:12:56] Derek Handley: Okay. Then we’ll go with that.
[20:13:19] Derek Handley: I’ll work on the phrasing later though.
[20:13:50] Derek Handley: 1: work for work’s sake; 2: trade unions; 3: ...
[20:14:11] Derek Handley: 1: sketching and planning; 2: thanking a god in a certain situation, 3: ...
[20:14:13] MJ Harnish: The Pharaoh is the living embodiment of a god so I’m not sure if there’s a higher goal than to capture his eye or tastes. Everything is for his glory essentially. That’s what Egyptian society hinges on. Now…you could be some sort of radical trying to change that but I’m not sure how the lapidary fits into that because it’s far more political.
[20:14:35] Derek Handley: Not radical. Eccentric
[20:14:41] Derek Handley: Becoming eccentric;
[20:14:50] MJ Harnish: Okay, we can work on that one.
[20:14:51] Derek Handley: I’m 40… that’s almost dead in those days.
[20:15:34] MJ Harnish: Actually people lived surprisingly long in ancient Egypt (the life expectancy was higher than the middle ages!) because of the climate and the decent medical care.
[20:15:43] MJ Harnish: The church really messed up Europe.
[20:15:57] Derek Handley: Interesting.
[20:16:00] Derek Handley: Anyway.
[20:16:03] MJ Harnish: There are multiple stories of people living in to their 90’s which amazes me.
[20:16:08] Derek Handley: Have we got enough to start playing?
[20:16:17] MJ Harnish: I think so.
[20:16:20] Derek Handley: And we can thrash out the phrasing later.
[20:16:32] Derek Handley: Let’s not take up any more of Declan’s time! :P
[20:16:39] Derek Handley: with my Bits :D
[20:16:48] MJ Harnish: Okay, just give me a second to type this bit up….
[20:16:55] MJ Harnish: (handshake)
[20:17:29] Derek Handley: Nizam… my wife said she saw you at market today, arguing with someone.
[20:17:35] Derek Handley: Is everything all right?
[20:19:18] Declan Feeney: Your wife?
[20:20:22] Derek Handley: Yes, my wife Iti. She was buying silks. She said she saw you arguing with someone. Is everything all right, my old friend?
[20:21:07] Declan Feeney: ((How do you want to handle actions and speech?))
[20:21:40] Derek Handley: ((I hadn’t given it much thought))
[20:21:47] Declan Feeney: Smiles “No. Everything is fine my friend. I was just arranging transport for one of the noble lords.
[20:21:51] MJ Harnish: It is the middle of what will later be known as the “Old Kingdom” period of Egyptian history. It is the 4th Dynasty. The great pyramid of Khufu stands alone on the plains of Giza, though nearby the pyramid of the current Pharaoh, Khaefre is under construction. Two huge ramps lead up to middle of the pyramid which currently stands nearly 3/4 of the way completed.
[20:22:08] MJ Harnish: OOC: Put actions in [ brackets]
[20:22:19] MJ Harnish: Preface out of character with OOC:
[20:23:29] MJ Harnish: As the pyramid’s exterior is going up, work inside the inner chambers of the pyramid has already begun, starting with the hall that leads from the main entrance in to the heart of the pyramid’s chambers.
[20:25:43] MJ Harnish: You both stand amongst the morning market of the town that has sprung up around the pyramid construction site. It is the flood season and that means that the construction crew has swelled to nearly 10,000 laborers, most of whom will begin their day’s work in less than an hour.
[20:26:18] MJ Harnish: For the time being though the market is busy and the day is still cool, though that will not last for long.
[20:26:58] MJ Harnish: OOC: Okay, so I’ll put things in your hands for a bit of conversation to feel the characters out.
[20:27:43] Declan Feeney: Djedefor says the pyramid is proceeding quickly..
[20:29:15] Derek Handley: It is… faster than ever, now that the floods are upon us. [ I rest my right hand on your shoulder ] Was it Lord Kherfuti you were arranging transport for? I have heard it can be difficult to find just the right transport to please his noble lady.
[20:31:14] Declan Feeney: It was, although the issue was with young Merseger who likes to be carried on an open platform. With all the labour tied up in the pyramid it is hard to find simple workers.
[20:33:36] Derek Handley: Is that so? I knew that many were involved in this great project, but I did not realize that there was a shortage of simple labourers. [ I tilt my head back to look up at the topmost constructed part ] Though it does rightly swarm with people when the work begins.
[20:35:05] Declan Feeney: [Watches the workers] These men are but a fraction of the people tied up in this venture. They have to be fed, clerks monitor their pay, inns house those who come from afar. The whole city is involved in the Pyramid.
[20:35:56] MJ Harnish: A young man, already showing off a slight paunch so evidentally he’s eating well, approaches out of the crowd. Nizam recognizes him as Djar, a scribe from a rich family who has managed to secure himself a job as a foreman on the construction site, despite a lack of experience or even competence.
[20:36:11] Derek Handley: [ softly, as if to myself ] And now all my days are taken up with the designs of others with more power…
[20:37:31] Declan Feeney: Djar, Can we help you?
[20:38:09] MJ Harnish: “Honorable Nizam! There you are! There is a problem this morning – it seems the workers have delivered the wrong type of ash and so the masons finishing the great hall can’t work!”
[20:38:22] MJ Harnish: [Bows slightly to both of you]
[20:38:23] Declan Feeney: [Smiles a well practiced smile to the scribe.]
[20:39:07] Declan Feeney: It is good that they have a skilled and experienced foreman to resolve such troubles.
[20:39:51] MJ Harnish: “They say that without the ash the stucco won’t set properly and that means it will delay the start of the carving and inlay work.”
[20:40:03] MJ Harnish: [face reddens ever so slightly]
[20:40:51] MJ Harnish: “Ah yes, well it appears that the problem is that the problem is the fault of whoever placed the order.”
[20:40:57] Derek Handley: [ I observe, quietly, and think what kind of ash he could mean that would be the wrong kind ]
[20:41:40] Declan Feeney: [Sighs, and looks down]Djar, Such issues should be viewed as opportunitries to make a name for ones self. You should relish the chance to show how these issues are beneath you by resolving them quickly and efficiently. Do you feel turning to others for help will reflect well on you?
[20:42:45] MJ Harnish: OOC: You’re not all that familiar with masonry but you can make an attempt. Roll an untrained check for masonry-wise (so just half your Perception for the root, which means 3 dice). Ob is 1 but since it’s untraided it’s double so Ob 2. (meaning you need 2 successes). 4,5,or 6 is a success.
[20:43:52] Derek Handley: OOC: no successes. [ I let my mind wander a bit. This is politics ]
[20:44:59] MJ Harnish: “Well Master Nizam, I thought I should bring it to your attention. You are in charge of administering the ordering of materials, after all.”
[20:45:49] Declan Feeney: [Frowns at the scibe, and holds his hand out] I presume you thought to bring these orders? Let me see them.
[20:47:21] MJ Harnish: [Frowns himself] “Errr, no. I was only given the invoice with the ash they delivered. Should you not investigate?”
[20:48:16] MJ Harnish: OOC: He’s going to try and persuade you to do the work for him. We can do this with a regular versus test since it’s not really a debate situation.. His persuasion against your Will.
[20:48:21] Declan Feeney: Did you sign this invoice and accept delivery?
[20:48:58] MJ Harnish: OOC: His intent is to get you to do the work for him. Yours?
[20:49:31] MJ Harnish: OOC: BTW Derek, mark down a skill being learned (Masonry-wise) and check off a test.
[20:49:41] Declan Feeney: OOC: An astounding 4 successes – (I’ve got B6 will) but I’m going to investigate anyway. I just want him to sweat a bit first.
[20:50:25] MJ Harnish: OOC: He’s got one success (persuasion of B5). You get yours rather stunningly…make him sweat
[20:50:38] MJ Harnish: “Errr. Yes sir. Naturally I did”
[20:51:29] Declan Feeney: Then I’m afraid you may be held responsible for this. It could be most unfortunate if the Pharoah takes exception.
[20:52:27] MJ Harnish: [begins to sweat] “But…but…I didn’t make the mistake. I just signed…..signed for the delivery. I need….”
[20:52:46] Declan Feeney: [Looks thoughtfully at the sun] I may have a few moments. Would you like me to investigate?
[20:54:34] MJ Harnish: “Yes, yes please sir. I…. I need to get back to the workmen. They need to do something today. The artisan responsible for the jeweled inlays is supposed to show up this morning to view the hall. His name is Master Karnefhere.”
[20:55:20] Declan Feeney: Actually Djar, if I am investigating the issue with your ash, who will complete this audit I was undertaking?
[20:55:30] MJ Harnish: OOC: BRB, got to make a run to the bathroom. (think)
[20:56:37] Derek Handley: [ I abruptly take notice at the sound of my name, and interrupt my friend Nizam ] Not merely supposed to show up, young man. I am already here.
[20:58:30] MJ Harnish: OOC: BAK
[20:58:44] MJ Harnish: [does a double take]
[20:59:08] MJ Harnish: “YOU are Master Karnefhere? Oh my.”
[21:00:28] Derek Handley: Indeed. But Master Nizam asked you a question. [ I have the kind of smile on my face that I reserve for my youngest son when he’s spilled or broken something ]
[21:02:40] MJ Harnish: [seems really flustered, but also very defensive] “I thought it was a retorical question. I obviously can’t complete his audit. Master Nizam, what can I do to help you?”
[21:04:43] Declan Feeney: Djar, I wouldn’t expect you to. I will attend to you lissue and then I will return and complete the audit. Perhaps if I am ever in need I can expect the same of you?
[21:05:23] MJ Harnish: “Naturally Master Nizam.” [Bows and backs away]
[21:06:13] Derek Handley: I will accompany you into the construction site. If the engravers and my own workers cannot work today, then I should discuss with Master Merfetkere what he plans to do.
[21:06:30] Declan Feeney: [Bows slightly to the young scribe, then turns to Karnefhere] My friend. I had hoped to talk this morning, but it seems fate has pulled me away.
[21:06:59] Declan Feeney: OOC: Ignore that last comment – makes no sense after Derek’s
[21:07:08] Derek Handley: I will accompany you into the construction site. If the engravers and my own workers cannot work today, then I should discuss with Master Merfetkere what he plans to do. We can talk on the way.
[21:07:20] Derek Handley: OOC: HA! I made it make sense.
[21:07:58] Declan Feeney: Good. I will welcome the chance to stretch my legs.
[21:08:05] MJ Harnish: “Yes sir. I will attend to the masons and then meet you at the great hall.”
[21:08:49] Declan Feeney: [Looks surprised] Djar, I thought you had urgent places to be?
[21:10:02] MJ Harnish: “I do, but one of my appoints this morning was with Master Karnefhere.”
[21:12:41] Declan Feeney: [Glance at Karnefhere] I’m sure Master Karnefhere will not forget the appointment.
[21:13:14] MJ Harnish: “Yes sir. Master Karnefhere, I will see you later.” [rushes off in to the crowd]
[21:13:21] Derek Handley: I had understood that I would be speaking to Merfetkere, master of the engravers and Manakhtuf, master mason. Your runner must not have delivered the message before I left this morning. I rise early, like Horus. Well then, I will see you in the great hall.
[21:13:32] Derek Handley: OOC: obviously said before he left.
[21:13:35] Derek Handley: :/
[21:14:50] Declan Feeney: Have you met Master Manakhtuf before? [starts walking through the crowd]
[21:16:27] Derek Handley: Yes, indeed. Manakhtuf and I have spoken often. In a way, we are both leaders of the workers and craftsmen. He is the head stone mason, I oversee the majority of the interior decoration. I have only met Merfetkere once. He is new to the city.
[21:18:18] Declan Feeney: Then I’m sure Manakhtuf will appreciate us resolving his Ash problems.
[21:20:17] Derek Handley: [ I smile gently ] Now, don’t be so harsh. It is not a stone mason’s place to put in the order for ash, only to request that a scribe put in the order for ash. I’m quite sure Manakhtuf put in the correct request. He is very conscientious. Very. Very. Sometimes too…
[21:22:19] Declan Feeney: Friend I did not mean to insinuate that Manakhtuf was in any way responsible. I merely ment that an issue that stops the masons working will be a real problem for him.
[21:24:49] Derek Handley: Ah, forgive me. I know you do not suffer fools gladly, and your tongue can be sharper than a crocodile tooth when someone has crossed you. I meant no harm in my comment [ I smile ] See, the workers are arriving in force. Now I can truly believe the whole city is working here…
[21:26:20] MJ Harnish: Indeed the work site has come alive: Hundreds of laborers have begun the process of moving blocks up the ramps while others have begun carrying supplies around the site.
[21:26:55] Declan Feeney: OOC: How do we get to the construction site?
[21:27:00] Derek Handley: [ I dodge around a group of workers excitedly talking about something, and pick up the pace a little ]
[21:27:33] Declan Feeney: [Hurries to keep up with his friend, but not nearly so nimble on his feet]
[21:27:35] MJ Harnish: OOC: The town lies along the back side of the pyramid so it’s just a matter of a short walk.
[21:29:10] Declan Feeney: You said Iti was buying Silks? Is she preparing for an occassion?
[21:31:22] Derek Handley: She was helping my mother, may Isis bless her and save her. My mother is not able to get to market anymore, but she was asked to prepare some silks for… I forget the name now. One of the ladies of the court.
[21:33:21] Declan Feeney: [Nods] You speak little of your mother these days, although you used to much more when you were younger. Do you still find time to see her?
[21:35:17] Derek Handley: I barely find the time for anything these days. Each new commission is more complicated than the last, and more time consuming. People have more requests, and they even, if you can believe this, want changes after the work is done! Now with the pyramid… I have little time for anything outside of the great work.
[21:35:31] MJ Harnish: OOC: Okay, let’s split you a part and set things up for next session when things will begin to pick up and we’ll start developing the story. We can handle them simultaneously here. I’ll put a K before anything relating the Karnefhere, and an N before Nizam’s.
[21:36:03] Derek Handley: OOC: Splitting up in a pyramid? That sounds like trouble!
[21:36:12] MJ Harnish: N: You’ll need to investigate the ash issues.
[21:36:17] Declan Feeney: OOC: Can I quickly ask about Iti – one question
[21:36:25] MJ Harnish: Of course.
[21:36:31] Declan Feeney: And Iti? How is she getting on with your mother?
[21:36:50] MJ Harnish: K: You will be meeting with the mason.
[21:36:55] Declan Feeney: OOC: After all, the question ties into my third belief ;)
[21:37:32] Derek Handley: She is very helpful and respectful… I don’t know why they have such a difficult time talking to each other. Mother thinks Iti is too soft on the children.
[21:37:44] Derek Handley: OOC: Giving you things to work with!
[21:37:57] Declan Feeney: I see.
[21:38:06] Declan Feeney: OOC: Okay. Happy to seperate now :)
[21:38:30] MJ Harnish: N: How do you want to proceed with the investigation?
[21:39:19] MJ Harnish: K: We’ll proceed with a tour of the grand hall during which you’ll make a couple of assessments.
[21:39:36] Declan Feeney: Directly. Go in ask to see the papers. Follow the paper trail.
[21:41:28] Derek Handley: I’ll go into the grand hall, soak in some of the atmosphere of this impressive, mighty construction, and seek out the master stone mason and the master engraver to discuss what will happen next.
[21:41:30] MJ Harnish: N: Ok. Start with a Beauracracy test. Ob 2, plus a perception Ob 3.
[21:41:50] Declan Feeney: OOC: If I have the points from read to respend I’ll drop them into Intimidation since I seem to have missed it and N really should have it.
[21:42:37] MJ Harnish: K: Start with a Lapidary Ob 2 test and another masonry-wise test (that’s ob 2 also, just like last time).
[21:42:56] Declan Feeney: OOC: 2 success on Bureaucracy, 2 successes on Perception
[21:43:15] Derek Handley: Okay, what am I doing?
[21:43:27] Derek Handley: Rolling the skills at the same time, or separately?
[21:43:44] Derek Handley: And with perception added, or not?
[21:43:53] MJ Harnish: OOC: Separately.
[21:44:28] MJ Harnish: N: Just in case…don’t forget that Perception is open ended so if you had any 6’s you get to roll more dice.
[21:44:53] Derek Handley: OOC: So, six dice for Lapidary, success on 4, 5, 6, and I need 2?
[21:44:54] MJ Harnish: K: For Lapidary, it’s just your skill so that’s 6 dice.
[21:45:05] Declan Feeney: OOC: No 6s :(
[21:45:10] MJ Harnish: K: For the masonry-wise, it’s 3 dice (b/c it’s untrained)
[21:46:43] Derek Handley: OOC: Lapidary 2, 2, 3, 4, 6, 6… 3 successes. Mason-wise (Perception): 2, 5, 5: 2 successes… I think…
[21:47:05] MJ Harnish: N: You begin a very laborious search through the invoices. It takes you several hours to find the proper invoice which shows that the correct type of ash was ordered so evidentally it was a mistake on the part of the supplier.
[21:49:07] Declan Feeney: [Checks the details of where the supply came from. How long will a runner or messenger take?]
[21:49:35] MJ Harnish: K: Both were successful. We’ll discuss the inlay stuff in a second. As far as your masonry-wise goes, you notice that the plaster finish on the walls looks to be of good quality but is obviously not nearly done (only about 1/4). What strikes you as unusual is that they were supposed to have started work on the hall over two weeks ago and so you would have expected them to be much further along the hall than they are.
[21:50:52] MJ Harnish: N: The supply came from the other side of the river – it’s potash that was ordered, not actual “ash.”
[21:51:20] Derek Handley: OOC: Is Manakhtuf in sight?
[21:52:07] MJ Harnish: K: [ Master Manakkhtuf smiles broadly as you move down the hallway] ” Ah, Karnefhere, Osiris bess you! You look to be in good health! Have you come to see my work?”
[21:53:25] Declan Feeney: OOC: I’m guessing I’m several hours ahead of K now, since I spent hours looking. Tell me when he catches up…
[21:53:30] Derek Handley: Indeed. I and my craftsmen were to start work today, but I believe there was a delay today.
[21:54:14] MJ Harnish: N: OOC: I just noticed you have Riding which probably isn’t going to prove useful (or make much sense) since the horse didn’t appear in Egypt until the middle kingdom period and there are almost no roads. Perhaps take something like “Construction-wise” instead since it would make sense with your job?
[21:54:41] MJ Harnish: N: Correct about the time difference.
[21:55:37] MJ Harnish: K: “Ah yes. A delay. Fools! They delivered the wrong materials for the plaster!”
[21:56:10] MJ Harnish: K: “Incompetents I say.”
[21:56:22] Derek Handley: I heard something about the wrong kind of ash. Is that the first such problem?
[21:58:06] MJ Harnish: K: Give me a perception roll (B6 vs ob 3) – if you get any 6’s you roll one additional die for each since Perception checks are always open-ended.
[21:59:40] Derek Handley: OOC: 4, 6, 5, 2, 5, 6, 3, 5… so that’s 6 successes?
[21:59:57] MJ Harnish: Wow…
[22:00:19] MJ Harnish: K: Ok, you notice that he seems to be really nervous – he keeps glancing away while he’s talking to you.
[22:00:20] Declan Feeney: OOC: Wish N was that observent
[22:01:18] Derek Handley: Master Manakhtuf, what ails you? Is your stomach unsettled perhaps? Have you eaten fish recently?
[22:01:20] MJ Harnish: K:”Ah yes, we need a potash for the plaster for the binding. They delivered ordinary ash! What am I to do with that?”
[22:02:09] MJ Harnish: K:”It is this heat sir. And the stress of working with so many incompetents. You will find out.”
[22:02:36] MJ Harnish: N: OOC – so do I. ;)
[22:03:34] MJ Harnish: “Working in these corridors is stifling I tell you. There is little air.”
[22:03:40] Derek Handley: I am sure it will be sorted out… incompetents, did you say? Pray tell, what else is the matter? Has there been another delay? I must admit, I would have expected that the plaster would be farther along after two weeks… unless it has been less time.
[22:03:54] Derek Handley: OOC: Give me time to react, Michael!
[22:04:14] MJ Harnish: OOC: I am…he seems to be rambling.
[22:04:15] Derek Handley: OOC: Voice recognition software isn’t that fast! :D
[22:04:50] Derek Handley: [ Then I’ll repeat my question more forcefully ] “Has there been another delay this week?”
[22:05:21] Declan Feeney: OOC: Odd – Skype restarted.
[22:06:17] Derek Handley: OOC: It’ll do that sometimes. Once a month or so, it happens to me.
[22:06:24] MJ Harnish: “Delays are what this place is all about. We wait and then we wait some more. Steady work though. We’re working as fast as we can.”
[22:06:37] MJ Harnish: “The work is meticulous you know.”
[22:07:54] MJ Harnish: K: OOC – actually it doesn’t look like it should be very difficult; the stone work is so good that the gaps between the stones are miniscule meaning the plastering shouldn’t be difficult at all (this is all from your Perception check since the “Let it ride” rule means it applies to everything going forward in this scene).
[22:08:06] Derek Handley: Naturally. I would expect no less. You are one of the most conscientious men I know. But you seem more agitated than I would expect. It is just a delay. All large work has delays. Tell me, as one foreman to another… what is wrong?
[22:09:55] MJ Harnish: K: You also notice some irregularities in the patterns in the way the stones have been laid out. They should all meet at T’s (in other words the stones are skewed so that the edges don’t line up as for each course, just like brick work). However, there’s a spot on the wall where the edges do line up which is odd.
[22:10:32] MJ Harnish: K: “I am tired and agitated by these delays. Come, let us have a cup of wine outside in the fresh air!”
[22:10:42] MJ Harnish: [motions towards the entrance way]
[22:11:25] MJ Harnish: “I am sure we will have the hallway finished within just a day or two once they deliver the right materials. Where is that foreman? Have you met that rich little brat Djar?”
[22:12:24] MJ Harnish: N: OOC: Did you catch the bit about not needing the riding skill (it doesn’t really apply in ancient Egypt – horses came about very late and even then they were used to pull chariots or carts, not actually ridden)?
[22:12:42] Declan Feeney: OOC: Camels?
[22:12:51] Derek Handley: Yes, let us go outside in a moment. I have but one question… is this a new style of construction [ I point to the irregularity in the layout ]? I have not seen this type of alligned joint before.
[22:13:43] MJ Harnish: N; Camels weren’t introduced until centuries after horses.
[22:13:54] MJ Harnish: There are almost no roads on top of that.
[22:14:12] Declan Feeney: OOC: Okay. I’ll find something other than ride for the points..
[22:15:36] MJ Harnish: N: OOC: I would suggest contruction-wise since it would make perfect sense given your actual job.
[22:16:06 | Edited 22:16:39] Declan Feeney: OOC: Okay Read ->Intimidate and Ride -> Construction-wise
[22:17:53] MJ Harnish: K: [Manakhtuf looks surprised] “No, no. It is simply because there were an unequal number of blocks in that particular course so the two are aligned. It doesn’t happen often because of the size of the blocks but it does happen.”
[22:18:30] MJ Harnish: N: OOC: LOL…. Okay, give me a construction-wise, ob 2 roll, then.
[22:19:47] Derek Handley: Very interesting. [ As we walk outside, I divert him onto a simpler subject – the new quarry he is opening ]
[22:20:21] Declan Feeney: OOC: Tring to figure out the roots of Ride and Construction-wise so I know my skill
[22:20:57] MJ Harnish: wise is Perc
[22:21:15] MJ Harnish: ride I think is agility/perc but I’m not sure.
[22:21:44] MJ Harnish: K: Okay, we’re going to halt things there because that will give you a little to “chew on” until next session.
[22:21:54] MJ Harnish: N: Roll results?
[22:22:18] Derek Handley: :)
[22:22:19] MJ Harnish: OOC: Riding is Will
[22:22:19] Declan Feeney: OOC: I had Ride at 3B at its off Will. My Will is B6, my Per is B5, so B2 in Construction wise?
[22:22:32] MJ Harnish: Yeah.
[22:22:55] Declan Feeney: OOC : 2 successes (makes up for that perception roll)
[22:23:04] MJ Harnish: OOC: Cool…..
[22:23:55] MJ Harnish: N: One thing strikes you as odd…. potash is used for making glass and soap, but you can’t recall ever hearing of it being used by masons…..
[22:24:07] MJ Harnish: N: And that’s where we’ll end you for tonight too.
[22:24:24] MJ Harnish: Hmmmm…. you both made key rolls that lined things up nicely.
[22:24:28] Derek Handley: :D
[22:24:57] MJ Harnish: Okay, don’t forget to keep track of your skill rolls. That last one was a difficult for you Declan.
[22:25:08] Declan Feeney: Hmm.. an Ob2 on a B2 is a difficult roll :)
[22:25:49] Declan Feeney: I’ll update my character.
[22:26:02] Declan Feeney: I’ve been adding NPCs to the Wiki as we went..
[22:26:06] MJ Harnish: Derek you perception roll isn’t recorded because it was a routine check (abilities only earn rolls when they’re difficult or challenging).
[22:26:21] MJ Harnish: The rest of the checks should be routine if I’m not mistaken.
[22:26:40] MJ Harnish: Derek is already on his way to opening masonry-wise as a skill :)
[22:27:46] Derek Handley: And we’ll work on those beliefs Michael. I’m sorry they weren’t ready before today. To be honest, I forgot about them. I don’t have traits either.
[22:28:01] MJ Harnish: That’s a great idea about the NPCs – I’ve been writing them down in my notebook but the wiki is much more convenient so everyone stays consistent…. Of course the two of you have already make up a whole gaggle of NPCs for me to use. :)
[22:28:12] Derek Handley: Indeed.
[22:29:01] MJ Harnish: Oh, it’s no problem Derek. The main reason they’re important at first is so I know how to poke you. Declan’s 1st belief plays right in to what is developing and his 2nd gave me Djar.
[22:29:28] MJ Harnish: We just need to fine tune yours so you’ve got stuff we can develop in play in interesting ways.
[22:29:33] Declan Feeney: Might not have been clear but I ment Merseger to be Lord Kherfuti’s daughter.
[22:30:09] Derek Handley: I was wondering if it was son or daughter.
[22:30:24] MJ Harnish: Derek, we’ll work out your traits, etc. on Sunday when you have access to the books.
[22:30:50] Declan Feeney: and since I have a relationship with: Noble Master (Significant, Rival) I’ll make that Lord Kherfuti
[22:31:20] Derek Handley: I know what Beliefs are for, Michael. Lord, you’re such a teacher sometimes! :D I just forgot about them, and I don’t want to do them under pressure because I want them phrased right. No Pharaoh, for example. :P
[22:31:25] MJ Harnish: The two characters are really cool – they’re not “traditional” in terms of what you see in a RPG but I think I have a hook for both of them plus a real historical event to use as another angle to explore.
[22:31:43] Declan Feeney: I can be the thorn in his side, and he can be the guy who orders me to do things I really don’t want to do.
[22:32:52] Derek Handley: Right, lads. I’m up at 6 am tomorrow, so that’s me signing off. All the best, till next time.
[22:33:00] Declan Feeney: I’m hoping this is one BW game where we wont get to use the Fight! rules much.
[22:33:10] MJ Harnish: Yep, I need to get to bed too.
[22:33:12] Declan Feeney: Night Derek
[22:33:17] Derek Handley: Night, lads.
[22:33:21] Declan Feeney: Night Michael
[22:33:22] Derek Handley: All the Mae West.
[22:33:23] MJ Harnish: Nah, not going to be much fighting in this one but maybe a future generation.
[22:33:52] MJ Harnish: I’ve got a good idea for a more traditonal “fantasy” story in the setting as well…maybe your great grandson.
[22:34:02] MJ Harnish: Good night.



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