A craftsman with great skill working in precious metals


Name: Karnefhere
Concept/Bio: Craftsman: makes decorative pieces for ornamenting rooms, clothing and so on (jewellery, lapidary, inlays, gold and silver work)
Lifepaths: 5
Age : 38
Stats: Wi: 3, Pe: 6, Po: 3, Fo: 3, Ag: 6, Sp: 2, Speed Mult.: 3.5
Attributes: Ref: 3, Ste: 5, Hes: 7, Hea: 4, MW: 9, Circles: B1, Resources: B2
PTGS: Su: Li: Mi: Se: Tr: Mo:

Belief 1:

The nobles demand gaudy and wasteful pieces, and need to be shown a purer simpler form of art.

The aesthetics of Egypt is becoming gaudy and wasteful as nobles try to outdo each other with extravagant ideas for ornaments and jewellery. I will design the perfect piece, simple yet elegant, one that does not waste material, to show the court the beauty that is inherent in our Great Nation.

Belief 2:

If the craftsmen would cooperate instead of competing, Egypt would be stronger.

We craftsmen compete for commissions, so we have no unified voice in the court. We must rely on spouses and friends when we need something, or when we need to oppose a project. If we could draw together and support each other, we could be a force to be reckoned with. I can show the others the way we could work together.

Belief 3:

My eldest son must be the heir to my thoughts and ideas.

My eldest son is an apprentice stone mason with much potential, and as a stone mason, it is his responsibility to be more than a tool of the court: he must be a builder of our nation. I need to show him that a craftsman can have his own projects.

Instinct 1:

Whenever I have spare time, I work on one of my own designs.

Instinct 2:

Never start a job without remembering that Ptah guides the hands of a true craftsman.

Instinct 3:

Always listen to someone who is sharing an idea for a new piece or art.

Traits: Broken In, Made Man
Skills: Read/Write B6, Geometry (TSO), Symbology B4, Mending B6, Polishing B4, Gold-wise B5, Precious stone-wise B3, Haggling B2, Appraisal B3, Jeweler B4, Lapidary B6, Metalwork B6, Instruction B1, Noble-wise B3, Persuasion B2
1D Pyramid construction crew Reputations:
Highly skilled at inlays 1D Relationships:
Wife 1D Gear:
Clothing & finery, Tools Property:
Workshop, Villa Weapons: Bare Fisted I: M: S: Add


Karnefhere (KARneferAY) was born the sixth child (second son after two miscarriages, thanks be to Hathor for the ease of his birth) of Djedir (JAYdeer), a Court official, and Inutonep (eeNOOTonep), a seamstress, known for her work in silk.

Despite catching the River Fever that claimed half of his siblings’ lives (blessed be Isis and merciful Osiris for allowing him to survive), he grew to be a strong man and good craftsman.

Married at 18 in an arranged marriage to Kawit (KAAwyt), daughter of his father’s work colleague, he was left a widower when she died in childbirth, leaving him with a son, Karhenep (KAR’nep) (thanks be to Hathor for saving the child, praise Osiris that he protect Kawit in the afterlife).

Although this might have seemed a tragedy, and did sadden him, it also left him free, after a suitable period of mourning, to remarry. His second wife, Iti (EEtie) was his childhood sweetheart. A delicate-looking ambitious woman from a wealthy family, she is partly responsible for his success: without her encouragement to better his skills, and her family’s contacts to get him a better apprenticeship, he might never have risen to the position he has now. They have both reaped the rewards of this success, as they live comfortably, although not as comfortably as Iti’s sister Mesa’at (maySA-yet), who married a rich grain merchant, Amronyat (amROHNyat).

He works in metal: gold, rare silver, and copper, fashioning ornamental pieces for rooms and for clothing. His work caught the eye of court officials, in no small part thanks to his father’s position and to Iti’s contacts, and he was appointed to the ranks of the Royal craftsmen.

Level-headed, methodical and skilled, Karnefhere won the respect of fellow craftsmen, and is currently one of the nominal heads of an association of craftsmen, together with Manakhtuf (maNAKtuff), the head mason responsible for the carving of the stones for the pyramid. In effect, Manakhtuf is the head craftsman for those working on the pyramid exterior, while Karnefhere is the head of those working on the interior, although neither has an official position as such.

Karnefhere was initially thrilled to be given the commission of working on Khufu’s great pyramid, but issues have arisen that have spoiled the work. Almost all the masons are working on the pyramids now, leaving other projects unfinished. Arguments between the scribes and the hieroglyph carvers have spilled over to create upset among those directly under Karnefhere’s supervision, working on the inner chamber. The silver that was supposed to come in (and was paid for) turned out to be white gold of far lesser value). There have also been six mysterious deaths within the pyramid, all of workers involved in work that wasn’t on the original plans.

Karnefhere’s greatest piece was a brooch in the shape of Hathor’s crown, in silver, gold, ruby and pearl, given as a gift by Iti’s family to the daughter of the old Vizier. His greatest failure was a commission to gilt hieroglyphs on a merchant’s over-sized home, not realizing that the stone that had been used was poor quality.

He is currently obsessed with the idea of metal being used in construction, not just in decoration.

Karnefhere and Iti have had nine children, of whom four survived, plus his son from his first marriage makes five.


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